June 1st – 2nd 2022 – Znin Sugar Factory



  1. Rules and regulations outline rules of participation in the 9th Polish Chemistry Congress 2022 (“Congress”).
  2. Polish Chemistry Congress is organized by the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, located in Warsaw on 17 Sniadeckich Street, 00-654, Warsaw, entered into the registry of entrepreneurs and the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and independent public health care institutions kept by the District Court for the city of Warsaw in Warsaw XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number 0000015704, NIP 5262170390, REGON 010954571 (“Organizer”).
  3. The event – Congress will take place on June 1st – June 2nd, 2022, in Znin Sugar Factory.



  1. Congress participants registration begins on April 11th, 2022 and ends on May 27th, 2022. After the date of the Congress registration completion, the registration will not be possible.
  2. Congress participation is paid. Event Organizer will not provide Participants with the Hotel accommodation. The Organizer is obligated, as far as possible, to inform Participants about vacancies available in the Hotel.
  3. Congress registration procedure:

 a) People interested in Congress participation can fill in the application available on:



b) Registration form will be submitted to the Organizer automatically after pressing “Submit registration” button upon completion of the registration process, which is equal to the reservation.

c) Organizer’s tickets purchase system will generate pro-forma invoice, which will be then sent to the e-mail address provided on the Registration Form.

d) Pro-forma Invoice is the base for the ticket payment. Payment should be made within 3 days from the date of issuing a pro-forma invoice.

e) After submitting the payment Participant will receive a payment confirmation along with the registration information, which will be sent to the e-mail address provided on the Registration Form.

f) In case of failing to make a timely payment, referred to under the letter e), reservation will be automatically cancelled after one-time payment reminder generated by the system automatically. 

  1. All problems related to the Congress participation registration should be directed to the Organizer, Monday – Friday at (22) 828-7505 between 8 am and 4 pm or electronically via kontakt@kongrespolskachemia.pl
  2. The number of tickets is limited. Ticket purchase priority will be given based on the date of payment completion according to the Organizer’s electronic payments record.




  1. Participant has the rights to cancel Congress participation by submitting the cancellation form electronically: kontakt@kongrespolskachemia.pl
  2. In case of participation cancellation the Organizer has the right to a cancellation fee equal to:

a) 50% of the original ticket price based on the participation cancellation form submitted till May 1st, 2022.
b) 100% of the original ticket price if the participation cancellation form is submitted later than May 1st, 2022 as indicated above – letter a). 

  1. In case the Event cancellation, the Organizer is obligated to inform immediately all Participants and refund the tickets at the original purchase price.
  2. In case of the congress date change, the Organizer is obligated to inform immediately in writing all Participant and refund all tickets at the original purchase price after the Participant submission of cancellation form due to the Congress date change.


  1. Congress ticket price:

a) 1,450.00 pln net (+23% VAT) – for the members of Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.
b) 2,950.00 pln net (+23% VAT) – for non – Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry members.

  1. The organizer is an active VAT payer and is able to issue VAT Invoice.
  2. VAT Invoices are issued up to 7 days after the ticket purchase date.
  3. All payments are made in the time frame stipulated in detail in the pro-forma Invoice issued, by a bank transfer directly to the Organizer’s bank account number. 


  1. All decisions regarding the Congress Program and all organizational issues are to be made by the Congress Organizing Committee.
  2. The Congress Organizing Committee structure, mentioned above, is to be decided by the Chairman of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.




  1. All claims referring to the Congress participation costs are to be submitted directly to the Organizer electronically: kontakt@kongrespolskachemia.pl , within 7 days after payment submission.
  2. After above mentioned date, no claims will be accepted.





  1. The Congress Organizer is the personal data administrator.
  2. Personal data of the Congress Participants will be processed only for the following purposes:

a)Take action to conclude and perform a contract for the provision of a service consisting in participation in the Congress (Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR).
b) Fulfillment of legal obligations incumbent on the Organizer, in particular resulting from tax and accounting regulations (Article 6 (1) (.c GDPR).

c) Implementation of objectives resulting from legitimate interests pursued by PIPC (Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR).


  1. The participants’ data processed by the Organizer are: name and surname, entrepreneur’s company, business address and correspondence addresses, telephone number, identification numbers, position and place of employment, bank account number.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to disseminate the image of the Congress Participants on the basis of the consent granted in connection with the purchase of the Ticket. Lack of consent to the processing of the image prevents participation in the Congress.
  3. Personal data will be stored from the moment of purchase of the Ticket, for a period of 6 years from the end of the Congress.
  4. Personal data may be made available to:

 a) To the extent necessary to perform the statutory tasks of the Organizer.

b) Entities authorized to do so on the basis of legal provision.

c) Entities processing data on the basis of a contract concluded for this purpose (accounting, legal services, etc.).

d) Other third parties with separate consent.


  1. The image of the Participants may be disseminated by the Organizer and the Partners of the Congress in connection with the licenses granted to use the materials recorded during the Congress.
  2. Participants of the Congress have the right to: access to data and rectify them, request deletion or limitation of processing, to withdraw consent at any time, to transfer data, to object to the processing of data and to lodge a complaint to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  3. The Organizer does not use functionalities enabling profiling or automatic decision-making based on the personal data provided


  1. Materials and organizational information regarding the Congress will be available on the Congress website.
  2. The Organizer has the right to amend the Regulations, provided that it does not affect the deterioration of the situation of the Congress Participants, in particular in the scope of rights acquired on the basis of the Regulations, except when on the basis of generally applicable laws certain restrictions, orders or prohibitions related to the state of epidemic or state of epidemic threat in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland are introduced.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the schedule of the Congress, as well as to cancel the event in the event of external circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, which will make it impossible to conduct the Congress.
  4. Any subsequent amendments to the Regulations shall be valid until the date of their publication on the Organizer’s Website at kongrespolskachemia.pl
  5. By reserving a Ticket for the Congress, the Participant agrees to the dissemination of his image recorded during the Congress. The above consent is limited only to photographic material or video recordings made by the Organizer during the Congress.
  6. The Participant is obliged to read the Information Clause on the processing of personal data of the event participant, constituting an Annex to these Regulations.